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Characteristics of vinyl ester anticorrosive flooring
Aug 17, 2018

Also known as vinyl anti-corrosion floor, anti-corrosion floor, anti-corrosion engineering, floor anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion floor paint or anti-corrosion tank, pool, etc. Applicable places: anti-acid, alkali, chemical solvent, salt, etc. have strict requirements on anti-corrosion performance Cement, concrete floor and drainage ditch, surface layer or mortar surface layer of chemical storage tank of alkali pool, block surface layer and ground and isolation layer. Performance characteristics: Excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, toughness and fatigue resistance; construction profile. The product has low viscosity and easy construction, can be cured and cured at low temperature, and the time can be adjusted. Below 100 ° C, it can resist the erosion of most chemicals such as acids, bases and salts. Sufficient flatness and decorativeity.