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Install SPC floor how to decide a direction, have greatly exquisite!
Dec 28, 2018

Principle1:Along the light direction and son perpendicular to the window,extends the sense of space!

paving direction is perpendicular to the window. The advantage of this is that the floor extends forward in the direction of the sun, enhancing the depth of the space and making it visually more open. If it is placed parallel to the window, the curved wooden texture on the floor will make the ground look uneven and affect the visual beauty.


Principle 2:  Paving inverse bed=perpendicular to the bed, enrich the spatial stereo!

If it is a bedroom, it is recommended that the paving direction of the floor and the direction of the bed be perpendicular to each other. Because the bedroom is different from the living room to create a sense of openness, the bedroom needs privacy and security, and it does not give a feeling of endlessness. Therefore, the criss-crossing of the lines is conducive to the fullness of the filling space. ”


Principle 3:Going with the flow=going in the same direction as the main space!

If the floor is spread throughout the home, first determine the direction of the living room smooth paving, and then all the rooms and the living room floor in the same direction, can make the whole house open more orderly and uniform.If be not to be spread floor, it is a bedroom to spread floor only, can spread according to the specific circumstance of each bedroom stick




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