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Dryback Vinyl Flooring

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Flexible Wood PVC Vinyl Plank Floor

Dimensions: 6” by 36”, 6” by 48”, 7” by 48”, 9” by 48”, 12” by 12”, 18” by 18”, 12” by 24” Overall Thickness: 1.5mm Wear Layer Thickness: 0.07mm(2.8 mil),0.10mm (4 mil) Surface Treatment: UV Cured Coating Warranty: 10 Year Residential, 5 Years Light Commercial Construction: Multi-layered product consisting of core layers, wear layer, printed film and backing Embossing: Wood grain, line emboss, hand scratch, Steel plate grain

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Flexible Wood pvc vinyl plank floor

How to treat and choose the thickness of flexible pvc floor?

Nowadays, when pvc flooring manufacturers produce products, they will certainly cater to the different individual needs of consumers. Even the same product will produce a variety of products with different thicknesses.

When choosing a floor, each of us will pay attention to the quality of the floor.  The wear resistance of the PVC floor of the composite is based on the wear-resistance test of the floor. The test-type tool is used to perform the pressure-grinding test on the composite PVC floor. The grinding is performed once per revolution, and the wear-resistant layer that has been polished to the floor is polished. The number of grinding revolutions until the printing layer is broken is the degree of wear resistance of the floor, and the higher the number of revolutions of the polishing, the better the abrasion resistance of the floor. The choice of the floor must be cautious, choose a flexible pvc floor is a good choice!



dryback vinyl floor

Our Flexible Wood pvc vinyl plank floor specification:


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