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Dryback Vinyl Flooring

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Waterproof Dry Back Wood Texture Vinyl Floor Tiles

Dimensions: 6” by 36”, 6” by 48”, 7” by 48”, 9” by 48” Overall Thickness: 3.0mm Wear Layer Thickness: 0.10mm (4 mil), 0.20mm (8 mil), 0.30mm (12 mil)0.50mm(20mil) Surface Treatment: UV Cured Coating Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 10 Years Light Commercial Construction: Multi-layered product consisting of core layers, wear layer, printed film and backing Recycle Content: 100% Virgin PVC, product contains a minimum of 10% trim recycle Embossing:Wood grain, line emboss, hand scratch, Steel plate grain

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Waterproof Dry Back Wood Texture Vinyl Floor Tiles

Wood Texture Vinyl Floor Tile has wood texture on its surface. It is a favorable substitute for solid wood flooring. It combines the advantages of wood flooring and ceramic tiles. It is waterproof, wear resistant and will not deform due to water and not fade after long-term use.

Its surface is composed of a high-density special structure with a simulated wood pattern appearance. It is anti slip when encountering water, and the floor is preferred for older people and children at home.

The floor is made of elastic material, which has strong impact resistance and soft and comfortable foot feel. In addition, its thermal conductivity is very good, and it won't feel cold in the winter.

The surface material of the floor is made of special polymer material and has high wear resistance.

The weight of the pvc floor after construction is about 10 times lighter than that of the wooden floor after construction, and 20 times lighter than the tile after construction. This can reduce the load of the building, ensure safety and be convenient to carry.

Cement and sand are not required for construction. It only needs to be coated with special glue, which is quick and easy.





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