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Dryback Vinyl Flooring

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Wood Dry Back Floor

Wood Dry Back Floor

Dimensions: 6” by 36”, 6” by 48”, 7” by 48”, 9” by 48” Overall Thickness: 2.0mm Wear Layer Thickness: 0.10mm (4 mil), 0.20mm (8 mil), 0.30mm (12 mil) Surface Treatment: UV Cured Coating Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 10 Years Light Commercial Construction: Multi-layered product consisting of core layers, wear layer, printed film and backing Recycle Content: 100% Virgin PVC, product contains a minimum of 10% trim recycle Embossing:Wood grain, line emboss, hand scratch, Steel plate grain

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Wood dry back floor

Since the first pvc plastic floor in the 1980s entered the domestic market, it has been in the groping and initial stage of the whole industry in 2000. From 1998 to 2004, PVC flooring has been initially developed. From 2004 to 2007, PVC plastic sports flooring and commercial flooring gradually It has been recognized by the industry. More and more stadiums and competition venues have begun to use professional PVC sports flooring. More and more construction projects have also begun to use PVC commercial flooring. With the 2008 Olympic Games and the entire market. The recognition of PVC plastic flooring. According to experts, the industry has entered a period of development. In the next 5-10 years, it will enter a period of rapid development.

It is recommended to use water-soluble glue that is harmless to the human body when laying wood dry back floor. When the floor is pasted, use a cork block to squeeze the floor surface from the center to the ends to make it flat. No air bubbles are left, and the roller is flattened thoroughly.

Regular maintenance will keep the floor surface intact and extend the life of the floor. The period of maintenance depends on the natural conditions and the intensity of use.

The floor must be cleaned with a mop every day or with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface. Small areas can be cleaned manually. Medium or above areas can be cleaned with a scrubber.

Do not use cleaning equipment that will cause abrasion on the floor. Use a neutral detergent when cleaning. After washing, wash with water and dry or dry the floor to avoid sedimentation.

Footprints and stains should be removed immediately with an appropriate cleaning method.

Most sports floors have floor lines (painted on the surface or attached to the surface). When the floor is being serviced, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the floor so that the site line will not be damaged and moved.


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