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Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Non-slip Fire Resistance Commercial Click Vinyl Floor

Non-slip Fire Resistance Commercial Click Vinyl Floor

Non-slip Fire Resistance Commercial Click Vinyl Floor Special dirt treatment 1. Oil stain: Partial oil stain, the water-based degreaser stock solution is directly poured on the towel to wipe; large area oil stain, the Wei Te water-based degreaser is diluted 1:10, and the grounding machine is...

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Non-slip Fire Resistance Commercial Click Vinyl Floor

1. Excellent resistant bacteria, stain resistant, maintenance free, fire resistance

2. Elastic, anti-slip performance, water resistance of the product, making cleaning easy

3. Abrasion resistance, antibacterial, no insects, mildew, UV treatment on the surface, strong stain resistance

4. Good dimensional stability, no deformation due to temperature and humidity, daily maintenance only need to sweep

5. Safe and environmentally friendly

6. Sound and noise reduction, comfortable foot, soft material, safe and non-toxic

7. Rich colors and patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design

8. Good anti-slip properties, so it is the preferred floor decoration material in public places with high public safety requirements such as airports, hospitals and kindergartens.

9. Light weight, lighten the load of the building

10. Small seams: The special color blocks are strictly installed, the seamss are very small and almost invisible, so that the overall effect and visual effect of the ground are maximized. 

Application: shopping malls, hotels, schools, office buildings, various chain stores, commercial houses, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, office administration buildings, conference rooms, event rooms, multi-purpose halls, theaters, KTV, bars, Internet cafes, purification workshops, factories, Conference hall, living room.

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